How to Get Fuller Brows with a Pencil?

How to Get Fuller Brows with a Pencil? For beginners

Not only is an eyebrow pencil very useful for individuals whose brows are thin or over-plucked, it’s beneficial to everyone! Unless you have superhuman powers controlling hair growth, patches may appear in your eyebrows whether naturally thick or not. This is why it’s essential to possess and know how to properly use a brow pencil for added fullness.

How to Fill in Eyebrows

Here is some counsel to support you in achieving the appearance of fuller brows… or at least give the impression of having them!

Find Your Perfect Brow Shape

Identifying your ideal eyebrow shape is of utmost importance when filling in and styling your brows as it is comparable to sketching outside the lines. You might be familiar with the idea that one can alter their looks drastically simply by changing the shape of their brows, and it is true. If you are uncertain where exactly your brow should begin and end or where precisely the arch should be, this tutorial will guide you on how to craft and define your eyebrows.

Brush Them Up

Now that you are familiar with your arching, it’s time to launch the completing activity. We love to commence this process by taking advantage of a Spoolie Brush–there is one on the back side of our Retractable Brow Pencil–to stroke eyebrows up. This is advantageous in identifying your brows exact figure, as well as aiding you in recognizing any sparse spots that require additional tenderness.

Fill Them In

Utilize short strokes like dashes to fill in your brows. Ensure the strokes move in the course of your hair, so on the tail finish of your eyebrow, it should go toward the end and near the nose, should be headed upward.

Add Powder for a Deeper Color

To add further emphasis to your look, layer some brow powder over the eyebrow pencil. Utilize an angle brush as well as powder from the GreatShape Eyebrow Kit to outline your eyebrows. Apply the powder using short motions in the latter two-thirds of your brows and avoid brushing on powder in the inner third section in order to develop a more natural gradient effect.

Brush Them Out & Set Them

For the finishing touches of your ideal eyebrows, comb through them once more using the Spoolie Brush. This will help make your pencil strokes appear more real and integrate the powder easily. Then, apply the Clear PureBrow Brow Gel from the GreatShape Eyebrow Kit or botanical brow wax to set up and fix the hairs for an extended time.

The Best Eyebrow Pencil Shade for You

It is essential to understand how to make your eyebrows appear fuller in addition to utilizing the apt shade of Retractable Brow Pencil. Hence, we offer 5 shades that are appropriate for most brow colors (except pink or blue—you can use our lip or eye pencils instead for those). The trick is that usually, brunettes’ eyebrows match their locks; however, if you have grey, blonde or red hair, your eyebrows tend to be darker than your mane. The below guide will help you determine the best brow pencil color for you.

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