How to clean your makeup brushes

How to clean your makeup brushes For beginners

Why clean your makeup brushes? There are three big reasons for doing so.

  • Cleaning your makeup brushes improves performance.
  • Cleaning your makeup brushes prevents bacteria, oil buildup and transfer.
  • To make your makeup brushes last longer, be sure to clean them often. Brushes are worth a lot and we should do our best to preserve them.

Desirably, we should wash our brushes once a week; however, most of us do not reach that goal. A realistic objective is to cleanse your brushes at least on a monthly basis. Here are the steps required to sanitize your makeup brushes.

How to Clean Your Brushes

  • To moisten your brush, simply use warm water. However, do not let the brush become too soaked, for this can destroy it.
  • Take a dab of any mild shampoo and put it into the middle of your hand. Rub the cleanser in until it is evenly distributed amongst the brush bristles.
  • Flush the brush well until the water has no remaining residue.
  • Repeat as necessary.
  • Create a ring with your index finger and thumb and pull the brush through the fingers while applying gentle pressure to remove excess water and maintain the brushes shape.
  • Place on a towel and lay flat to dry. Never dry your brush in an upright position as this will loosen the glue that binds the brushes and lead to hair loss.

It is advisable not to place your brushes in a sterilizer as this can cause irreversible damage. You can use Brush Cleaner to Instantly eliminate makeup from your tools. Spritz some tissue with the Brush Cleaner and carefully sweep your brushes back and forth to take out any additional make-up residue.

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